Wireless | Real-Time | Predictive Recipe System

Predicts if the recipe will not be ready on time. Loggers go from inside oven to blast.

Reports generated automatically without any employee intervention.


ThermalTrace is designed from the ground up as a predictive temperature monitoring system for the food industry. It is a batch based wireless data acquisition system that monitors from oven to blast. Operators will know the temperature for the entire cooking cycle.

It is made to monitor cooking recipes in real-time, predict cooking completion and warn operators if the cooking cycle will not be reached in time. Once completed, ThermalTrace will print out a complete report including a graph, readings, customer information and alarms.

The hardware incorporates wireless dataloggers hooked to meat racks with a temperature probe. This device communicates with an industrial encased Lorawan receiver throughout the process.

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Oven to Blast Monitoring

ThermalTrace monitors the entire cooking cycle of a batch from oven to blast. Web based software – view data from any device (Phone, laptop, tablet, etc).

Quality Control with Prediction

ThermalTrace improves quality control by monitoring the temperature of the product in real-time and with predictive monitoring for the entire cooking cycle.

Automatic Reporting

All reports are generated automatically upon completion showing all the data and alerts of the batch.

Alarm Monitoring

Receive alarms in real-time via email and text messages.

Rack Hooked Wireless Dataloggers

ThermalTrace uses Lorawan rack hooked dataloggers that follow the entire cooking process for the monitored rack.